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FHM Works with Girls Inc. on its Break Down Barriers Project

December 16, 2013

A reconstructive and cosmetic eye surgeon in Florida, Dr. Geoffrey Kwitko has been recognized as a “Best Doctor in America” every year since 2003. In addition to his dedication to patients, Dr. Geoffrey Kwitko gives back to the community and has donated to the Florida Holocaust Museum.

The Florida Holocaust Museum (FHM) was founded to honor those who died and suffered in the Holocaust. Dedicated to teaching others about the importance of human life and preventing genocide in the future, FHM has several exhibits and hosts many events to spread the museum’s message. Recently, The Florida Holocaust Museum joined with Girls Inc. on a new project, Breaking Down Barriers.


The program provided girls aged nine and older with the necessary tools to create a future in which people are more tolerant of others. Over the span of eight weeks, the girls participated in activities, field trips, and discussions that looked into the social barriers of bullying, prejudice, and stereotypes. During the program, the girls created visual art to reflect how barriers prevent relationships from developing. The art was installed at Girls Inc. for a month before becoming a traveling exhibition.


Thyroid Eye Disease Correction Basics

November 14, 2013

Tampa-based orbital, oculoplastic, and neuro-ophthalmic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey Kwitko performs cosmetic surgery of the eyelids, blepharoplasty, and procedures necessary to remove cancer of the eye or eyelids. A clinical assistant professor at the University of South Florida, Dr. Geoffrey Kwitko also treats a number of conditions of the eye caused by disease, injury, or aging.

Many patients with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune condition that affects the thyroid gland, eventually suffer from thyroid eye disease. In most cases, this problem causes relatively minor or no side effects and does not impact vision. Approximately five percent of people with Graves’ disease, however, experience severe thyroid eye disease that necessitates surgery to restore the appearance of the eyes to normal and relieve such symptoms as dryness or pressure. In rare situations, people with thyroid eye disease require an emergency operation, such as orbital decompression surgery, to alleviate compression of the optic nerve or to correct corneal exposure.

Orbital decompression surgery enlarges the eye socket to reduce the effects of thyroid eye disease, such as bulging of the eye or pressure against the optic nerve. In this procedure, the surgeon removes fat, bone, or a combination of the two from the orbit. Many doctors perform orbital decompression surgery in tandem with eyelid surgeries designed to decrease exposure of the cornea.